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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 14, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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greta van susteren is standing by to go live on the record. thanks for being with us. greta, take it away. tonight, well, did he go too far? >> the contempt that he has shown for the constitution and rule of law is appalling. the president has no authority to unilaterally change a law that congress passed and he signed. >> that's true. it's unconstitutional. >> the one unifying principle in the republican party at the moment is making sure that 30 million people don't have health care. >> we need to fight this bill every single day we can in a way that moves forward, and the idea of saying this is the last thing we can do, and if we come up short on this, then it's all over, is ridiculous. it's not all over. >> why don't we just delay the whole bill and come up with a real solution that really is affordable and that really will
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take care of everybody. >> republicans want to repeal obama care, so they go back to a situation where there's no cap, but there will be a cap. >> no way to compromise with these people. we don't want to conciliate with the democrats. we want to beat them. that's what republican voters are telling republicans. so compromise or fight? what is the best strategy for republicans? good evening, sir. >> good evening. how are you doing? >> nice to have you. i know you're not a big fan of obama care. do you think that now is the time to compromise and work out some wrinkles, or is it time now to fight it for you? >> i think it's time for us to continue to fight it, because factually, this policy simply doesn't work. it's too big, 2,000-plus pages. a regulatory environment that may include over 30,000 pages. it's too complicated.
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you do not get to keep the insurance that you like. you break the intimate relationship between a doctor and a patient. and it's too expensive. it started out $900 billion. in 2009, it went to $1.8 trillion and perhaps even as high as $3 trillion. the worst part is that we started with 15% of americans without insurance, and most experts say that we'll have 10% of americans still without insurance after spending $3 trillion and collecting a new $800 billion in revenue from higher taxes and higher fees. this is awesome. >> it's hard to figure out exactly what it is. it's quite a -- it has quite an evolution, meaning just the other day, we learned that it's not going to cover members of congress or the staff. we've got delays in the employer mandate. we've got the cap on deductibles for the consumer. that has been lifted as of
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february. we've got waivers to unions, waivers to corporations. so it actually seems to like change every single day. and we just sort of sit by and watch. what are you doing about it? >> well, a couple things. number one, when i'm doing my town halls, i continue to explain what obama care is not. a lot of people still believe that you get free health insurance. the fact of the matter is not only do you not get free health insurance, the cost in the individual market in south carolina can increase as high as 60%. companies are now calling my office and telling me that they're experiencing a 22% to 25% increase in the small business market. the fact of the matter is that what we know for sure is that a year from now, even with the employer mandate being delayed for a year, we're looking at the end of the 40-hour workweek because of the national health care plan. and so think about this, greta. people who are working hard every single day, some employees will see their income cut by 25% because of obama care. they will no longer be able to
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work the 40-hour workweek. they'll have to work under 30 hours. and this is a decision being pushed on employers because of a piece of legislation that no one fully comp y comprehends the im will have. >> is it fair what happened last week when right before the recess began, president obama and the opm issued that rule so that members of congress, house obama care, the eir staffs are very statute that the president and at least many democrats voted to impose on the american people. but why is it good enough for us, not good enough for you? >> well, number one, a bad decision. my understanding is the president met with the congressional democrats and worked out a deal. at the end of the day, as we consistently have, we believe that we should live with the laws passed by this nation. >> if push comes to shove, and
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obama care hanging in the balance with the issue, are you willing to have a government shutdown in terms to fight for obama care and the funding, or do you think that there's some sort of compromise or something will be worked out or has to be worked snout. >> i don't see a compromise coming. i think there are two separate issues, funding of obama care, which i oppose, and also the continuing resolution, which i also oppose. the notion of funding our government on the short term spending plans is an awful decision by the federal government. at the end of the day, as a small business owner for the last 15 years, the last thing you want is lack of certainty in the ability not to predict your future. it puts in place both things, uncertainty and no predictability. this is bad for our economy. i have not supported most of them in the past. i will not be supporting the continuing resolution. i voted against the last budget controlled act because they simply do not make sense. they're not logical.
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>> and of course, you're new no to u.s. senate, so it's like don't blame you, i should say, because you're relatively new to the u.s. senate on a lot of this stuff. let me ask you about another topic. did you hear harry reid's latest controversial comment? first, here's what senator reid told a nevada radio station. >> my counterpart, mitch mcconnell, said at the beginning of the presidency of barack obama that he had one goal. and that is to make sure president obama wasn't re-elected. it was really bad. we've been seven months into this second term of the president's and they haven't changed much. so it's been obvious that they're doing everything they can to make him fail. and i hope -- and i say this seriously. i hope that it's based on substance, not the fact that he's an african-american. >> senator, as the only
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african-american in the u.s. senate, what are your thoughts on those comments? senator harry reid says he hopes the gop opposition to president obama is based on substance and not race. >> i think it's a shameful comment. let's just put it right where it should be. it is a shameful comment for senator reid to play the lowest denominator. playing the race card. at the end of the day, we on the gop happen to be republican and black. do we support the president's policies? and the answer is no. why don't we support it? here are the reasons why. our gdp is growing at 1.7%. it is awful. very slow. number two. obama care. here we have another $1.8 trillion new entitlement that we cannot afford. 15% of americans not able to find insurance. 10% after spending at least $2 trillion, maybe upwards of $3
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trillion. we have dodd frank, the inability for banks to lend money. it stops entrepreneurship from happening. we consistently hear from our folks that they can't find the resources to get into business when the unemployment rate has been staggering over 7% for nearly four years. >> all those important issues. it's hard to get to the debate if you have senator harry reid making the accusation of racism rather covertly. and i guess that would give him sort of a pass on this one, but he's sort of a serial commiter. the only one talking about race is senator harry reid. you may remember during the election back two cycles ago, when he's talking about president obama, he made some bizarre reference about -- that president obama had no negro dialect unless he wanted to have one. clearly he was bringing up the issue of race. it's a little bizarre. he's the one that keeps bringing it up, which sort of injects this horribly poisonous topic, so he can't have a good debate.
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>> it's remarkable that what we consistently see from our friends on the left is a pivot. when things start going bad, they pivot to a different topic. when things get really bad, when their policies are not working, they want to find a way to bring all the attention, something that is nowhere near the performance of the political environment driven by the white house and senator harry reid. this is what makes us so hard to find common ground in the senate and in congress. we simply can't find common ground when no one's looking for ways to move the american people forward. americans don't want republican solutions. they don't want democrat solutions. they want american solutions. we need to get back to the business of creating jobs and not talking about things that simply have no place today in the political environment. no one else is talking about race. you know why? they're talking about unemployment. they're talking about creating jobs. they're talking about a better economy. we need to stick with the issue at hand. >> it's particularly painful with the senate majority leader,
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whose job is to sort of -- to be there to sort of foster debate and to make sure people -- it brings their passions to the floor on the important issues. and it's almost like -- it's almost like that weird thing you did with romney, where said tell me about romney's taxes. he wouldn't identify his source. i thought it soiled his reputation, the senate majority leader's reputation. he seemed small and petty. he wanted to deviate from important issues. you just want to sort of get somebody. i thought it soiled his credibility. >> i can't understand what he's thinking. i do know that the unintended consequence when we pull out the race card when there's no racial issue on the table is that it sullys the ability for us to solve problems together. it sullys the ability for us to have a meaningful conversation, to create dialogue around the issues that so many americans are having to solve.
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right now we have moms and dads heading to kitchen tables and trying to figure out their bills. they want to figure out why most of the jobs that we're creating right now are part-time jobs. they want to understand how obama care is going to take more money out of their pockets on top of the 600-plus billion dollars new tax increase that started earlier this year. we have real problems. we need real solutions. and we need everyone to come to the table and get serious about >> i'm very well.
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so you have, on belauhalf of oklahoma, sued a suit over obama care. you won a stage that said basically you go forward. what is your lawsuit? what are you claiming is wrong with obama care that gives you a legal right to be in court? >> as you know, greta, state health care exchanges are a major part of the affordable care act. congress gave each of the states a decision. a decision on whether to set up a state health care exchange. and there's something very important that happens when a state chooses not to set up a state health care exchange. it sets the employer mandate penalties that flow when businesses don't provide qualifying health insurance. they cannot be assessed in those states. the irs disregarded that last year. they adopted a rule that said l whether you adopt an exchange or not, it's going to assess a penalty. that's not what the law says. the irs has come into our state trying to assess the employer
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mandate penalty. we have sued the irs saying that violates the congressional intent and language that's found in the aca. >> so you're saying that if the state had set up the exchanges, then the irs could do that. but the way the law is written, that was if the state declines to set up an exchange and the federal government has to set up the exchange, that they are without specific or express authority in the statute to do that. >> that's exactly right. congress says definitively that. >> i got that, but what i don't understand is if the president can say -- i mean, the way the law is written right now, congress and staff are subject to obama care. but what the president and i guess congress didn't like last week is they decided they wanted to exempt themselves, so they take out a pen and write a rule right out of it. why can't they sort of write that rule again and include the subsidies with the federal so that it guts your lawsuit so they have the authority, even though it's a federal exchange and not a state exchange, to do
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the penalty. >> what you described is exactly what the irs did. the irs simply disregarded the plain reading of the statute. in past, an agency rule said whether you have an exchange or not, we're going to assess the employer mandate. it's clear that congress did not require the states -- >> but if the agency did that, that's one agency the irs that wants to do that. the labor department, another agency, decided that the tax to protect the consumer from rising deductibles and co-payments, that they could disregard that. so why -- if the labor department can disregard that part, why can't the irs disregard the part that applies to you? sounds like nobody's regarding anything. >> well, because oklahoma -- you know, our state, it's inconsistent with the rule of law. that's what the lawsuit is about. it's clear that congress cannot require a mandate in the health care exchange. it's also clear they wanted to
10:15 pm
incentivize the states for these subsi subsidies. when the administration badly miscall cue lated how many states would participate, 34 states have chosen not to set up an exchange. when they did that, the irs tried to undo it. many people in washington are talking about the defunding of obama care. the affordable care act. and really, if we're successful in our lawsuit, the 34 states, the irs will not be able to assess the employer mandate penalty. the structure of the aca will fall as a result of this lawsuit potentially. >> everything i've read about your lawsuit, that if you are successful, that that is one of the biggest assaults on obama care, that that will have the most potent assault. that you have more -- more of an impact with your lawsuit, should you win, than capitol hill will in its efforts to defund in this next go-around battle. that's what i read. >> the irs will not be able to
10:16 pm
assess the employer mandate penalty in 34 states. that is a substantially difficult problem for the administration and implementation law. >> all right. and just so that the viewers are clear, what happened in your recent round in which you want, was that the governments wanted to throw you out. you didn't have something called standing. what the judge said is oh yes, oklahoma has standing. oklahoma has an absolute right to be part of this litigation. doesn't say the judge is going to rule your way, but the judge says you're in play. is that right? >> it's one step in a process. we won the battle and we'll try to win the war. this is one step and we're very excited about the outcome so far. >> attorney general, thank you, simple i hope you come back as this meanders through the courts. thank you, sir. >> thanks, greta. straight ahead, you know congress pulled a fast one on you. they passed obama care, and right before they took off for five weeks, they exempted themselves from obama care. but tonight, one republican
10:17 pm
congresswoman has an idea you might like, but as always, there is a catch. find out next. and the irs with another enemy. can you believe it? a small businessman is here to tell you what the irs is doing to him. is the irs just mean or is it something else or do they even have a right to do this? you'll find out coming up. plus, is hollywood now turning on president obama? which a-lister just called the president a snake? start guessing. the answer coming up.
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talk to farmers and get smarter about your insurance. ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum -bum ♪ hypocrites or maybe even plain rotten? congress passed obama care. the president signed it into law. it is designed to cover the entire nation. except for them. they don't want it.
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as congress and the president dashed out of town for vacation, lawmakers first sneaked around and exempted themselves from the very law they passed that they want to cover you. so what's with that? the bill isn't good enough for them? or are they too good for it? one republican representative saying she won't accept special treatment that you don't get. >> i think it's about fairness. it's about holding lawmakers who made the law accountable. if it's good enough for the american public, it should be good enough for us to be treated the same way we would be if we were the general public. and under these provisions that the administration just put forward, we would get a special subsidy. i don't think the american people want that and i'm not going to accept it and i'm going to encourage my colleagues to not accept it either and to make it so it's not the law of the land. >> do you want your representatives to do the same? pat buchanan joins us. how are you, sir? >> i'm very well.
10:22 pm
>> this congresswoman says she plans to introduce no subsidies from congress. >> good for her. she believes in shared sacrifice. if we're in it, we're all in it together. you remember we were just talking about george h. w. bush. he goes down and volunteers at age 18. you get the families of the rich and famous out there fighting alongside the guys who come from west virginia. that's the way the country needs to be. but this congress of the united states exempts itself from the kinds of things it imposes on the general public. >> i actually had that conversation about president bush 41 you and i had on the green room. here's the problem. i was with her for a sechblond. i thought okay, good. good for her. then i read deeper. she said the bill would not affect staff. i'm like really? if she's going to go for it with gusto, why didn't she include
10:23 pm
her staffs? >> did you hear the reason? or read down into the reason? a brain drain from capitol hill. >> first of all, i don't know -- what are all these people on capitol hill going to get jobs? everyone's going to stay put. nobody's going any place. there aren't any jobs. >> not only that, people in the government of the united states, it used to be -- maybe it's a little different now. if you take salary, wages, benefits, health care, pension, put together, at one point not so long ago, they were double what the average american makes and earns each year. they're not going to go running off that hill if they've got to pay for their health care the same way as every other american does. >> and with all due respect, a lot of the employers are really aggressive hard-working people who are very happy to have those jobs on capitol hill. but it's not like there's this enormous brain drain, and
10:24 pm
they're the ones complicit writing with it their bosses. the idea that this bill would include members of congress back into obama care, but would now exclude their staff, go figure. >> i think it's almost un-american and offensive, people that impose sacrifices on others if they're not willing to impose on themselves when they are writing the laws. >> well, going back to obama care -- and even to the election of president obama, he had an enormous amount of support from the unions. now the unions -- not all, but a lot of unions are very unhappy with him. some are not happy with obama care. but even the whole idea of union participation, what's going on with unions in this country? >> well, in a way, if you're a union person, it's a tragedy. in 1946, 1/3 of all americans in the private sector were unionized. they were in unions. it is now down to probably 7%,
10:25 pm
8%, 9%, something like that. what happened to them? automation happened to them. technological change. nafta. gat. globalization. the american congress and the president told corporations, big companies, transnationals, look, you've got problems with the union. got problems with regulation. move your factory to mexico. move it to china. move it to indonesia. get rid of your american workers and all of these problems, then you bring your goods back here free of charge. you put them in walmart and that way you can kill the factories that remain in the united states of america. between 2000 and 2010, the first decade of this century, we lost 55,000 factories and five to six million manufacturing jobs. that's what's happened to the manufacturing sector. but i'll tell you what's coming now. it's going to happen to the public sector unions as well. >> it used to be a little bit different, though.
10:26 pm
at least when you're negotiating with the private sector, you've got shareholders to deal with on the employment side. with the public sector, it's been on a level playing field because the ones negotiating want you to vote for them so they have an incentive not to play hard with you. >> like in wisconsin. here's what happened. the unions go and they get a good democratic liberal candidate and they say we're going raise all this money for you. they raise it for him and he wins the election. and then the union guys come into the government and say we'd like to negotiate with you now on what wages we get. and so you don't have competition. you don't have an atmospheric proceeding. you've got individuals who are the beneficiaries of unions. >> i'm trying to figure out the workers satisfaction with unions. workers getting dissatisfied with unions. the participation rate used to
10:27 pm
be 20.1% in 1993. now it's 11.3%. a decline in participation in the private sector. >> take a look again, let's go back to wisconsin. when they eliminated -- the republican employees, in other words, they didn't take the money out of their wages and send it directly to the unions. the unions had to get it from the workers. 1/3, as i understand it, of the public employees, simply dropped out of the union, put their dues in their pocket, and kept their jobs. i think unions have done some wonderful things. eight-hour day. get rid of child labor. we don't want things like over in bangladesh. dropped right on all those women. before they were there, those textile plants were down in the carolinas and louisiana and places like that. but unions have done some good things. but they've done some insane things. let me tell you one story. i just came from new york journalism school and i'm in the
10:28 pm
union. i have to join the union. and so they say we're going to all support the strike in new york by the printers. i said are you guys nuts? i said they will kill those newspapers up there. we shouldn't support the strike. they said you contribute to the union fund or you lose your job. so i had to contribute. what happened? the powers, he killed those -- four of the seven newspapers in new york died within three years as a consequence of those strikes. that was union stupidity. >> thank you, nice to see you. >> good to see you. now to tonight's hot button issue. listen to this one. do you want your member of congress to refuse their special obama care exemption, and should they include their staff in that? go to to vote in our poll. and coming up, sequestration. what really happens? our next guest will tell you. also, you don't hear this very often from hollywood. a major celebrity calling
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a new irs targeting scandal. this time, the irs sending letters to 20,000 small business owners questioning their reported income. tom reese, owning of hearing well incorporated, received one of those letters. nice to see you, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> can you tell me first of all, what is your business? >> i fit and sell hearing aids. >> and how long have you had this business? >> i've had this business since 2009. >> and do you have any employees? >> my wife and we had one part-time employee that would assist us. >> now, apparently, from what i understand, is that on july 15th, in a letter dated july 15th that you received about the
10:34 pm
22nd of july, you've got a letter to the irs, is that right? >> that's correct, yes. >> what does the irs letter say to you? >> well, first, it was very threatening in that it may have underreported income. >> actually, i've got a copy of it right here. and what it says is in terms of underreported income, bases the assertion on something that says businesses of "your type in comparable locations consistently report a larger portion of gross receipts from noncard sources including cash and check." what does that mean to you? >> it means that -- i must have been doing something wrong. but i know i'm not. >> and so they're just suspicious because as they go through your business records,
10:35 pm
is that right, that they think you might have something there. was there anything other than the nature of your business and the nature of your receipts? >> there's not anything. and in this case, again, a letter, very threatening. it's almost making an accusation, and as you get into it, you don't really know what the accusation is about. >> all right. have you ever had irs troubles or letters before like this? >> no. that's the first time. >> what did you do after you got this letter? >> well, the first thing i did is i called my tax accountant. we worked real hard and so i called him to find out how to respond. >> and did it cost you money to talk to your tax accountant? >> it costs money every time you talk to an accountant or a lawyer. >> is this now resolved or is this still an ongoing situation? >> well, i have answered the
10:36 pm
letter, and at this point, i'm awaiting a reply according to what the notice said. >> is your answer essentially i've reported all my income? is that essentialliy lwhat your answer is? >> yes, i have reported and we work real diligently to make sure we report all and account for everything. >> why do you think the irs sent this to you? do you have any thoughts on it? >> not really. >> not at all? >> well, i guess the first thought comes to mind after reading it is it must be a way to try to either make sure that there's compliance in the laws and/or get additional revenue from people like me. >> well, you know, they think
10:37 pm
you have a huge cash business on the side, that's apparently what they think. it looks like to me not so much a comparable business. looks like to me that the federal government is pretty cash poor and they're going to try to squeeze it out of everybody that they can. but that's just me. tom, thank you, and i hope you get a good letter back from the irs that they are now satisfied. >> okay, i do as well. thank you. >> and remember this one? dire warnings, the sequester would lead to furloughs from every federal agency from air traffic controllers to teachers? >> the people i feel for are the people who are directly feeling 1ñ)táhey're hurting mil communities, middle class families, our children, our seniors, people who can least afford it. that's what this so called sequester means. hundreds of thousands of americans who serve their country. border patrol agents. fbi agents. civilians who work at the pentagon. all will suffer significant pay cuts and furloughs. >> the way the sequester
10:38 pm
achieves these spending reductions no one likes. >> these cuts are not smart. they are not fair. >> sequestration would be destructive to our nation's security. >> the sequester, i don't like it. >> it will eviscerate job creating investments. thousands of teachers will be laid off. >> the pain will be real. >> sequestration, you know what that word means? what it means to the american people is unemployment. no jobs. >> has the sky fallen? has sequestration disrupted the government? reporter eric katz joins us. what is the impact of sequestration? >> i think a lot of federal grants and programs have been cut. and it's really gone across all agencies of government. >> have we had -- i mean, all the furloughs predicted, have
10:39 pm
they actually occurred? >> for the most part, no. there certainly have been is a fair number of furloughs that have gone through, but just about every major federal agency that at some point gave some sort of warning about furloughs has either reduced them or cancelled them altogether. >> so is it fair to say that the people -- that the tape we just heard, that maybe some of them may have overstated what actually did happen? >> yeah, as far as the federal employee furloughs, most of the time they were overstating the eventual outcome. >> what is the -- who has -- besides the people who have been furloughed, and i realize the number of days furloughs have been reduced -- and i read the story that it's been brought down. how is it most painfully felt to the average american people, the sequestration? >> well, i think a lot of american people have felt the pain of it. you know, talked to elderly americans who got their meals on wheels cut. or talked to homeless americans
10:40 pm
who had their housing subsidy cut. and plus, there was still about 750,000, 800,000 federal employees who took a pay cut, albeit less than what was originally anticipated. >> do you mean they lose a certain number of days work? >> exactly. >> and how many days did most of them -- is there an average? >> a lot of the agencies took time off. you heard they were going to furlough 750,000 employees for 22 days. that was since cut to 11. and now it's down to six. for most agencies, it's in that range. three to five to seven days. >> when you say that the meals on wheels are cut to the eld elderly, that unglues me because i really hate the only thing i've seen on the
10:41 pm
sequestration is like at the airports in line for longer. i can get to the airport earlier. so i don't feel bad for myself at all in that one. but i don't like, are there actually meals cut to the elderly? >> that's right. >> that one is tough. >> and the airport lines, that was another one that was avoided because congress was able to shift some funds around. >> but the funds could have been shifted around, and if they had all done their work ahead of time, the members of congress had done the work ahead of time, probably wouldn't have had any of this at all. but that's for another day. anyway, eric, nice to see you. thank you. >> thanks for having me. coming up, a state of emergency just declared in egypt. we're goin
10:42 pm
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10:47 pm
and injured thousands. city streets turning into war zones. battling supporters of ousted egypt president morsi. our reporter is live in cairo with the latest. jake, tell me what's going on. >> reporter: yes, the violence since the military took over about a month ago has just been rising steadily and has now reached really unprecedented levels. hundreds of people died yesterday. and even before the curfew yesterday, cairo, which is usually very, very crowded, was practically deserted. there still were reported of gunshots ringing out throughout the city throughout the night. >> jake, what is expected as the sunrises there? is it anticipated that it's going to go back to more violence, or is this the state of emergency really putting the lid on it? >> reporter: the various actions here have been unable to compromise through the whole month and even before then. given the large amount of violence, it's expected that
10:48 pm
it's only going to get worse and perpetuate itself. >> do you have any sense of personal damage? a cameraman died today, he was shot. do you have any sense of danger? >> reporter: well, in the heart of these conflicts, which i've been trying to stay away from, it seems that the police are targeting journalists and opposition activists pretty indiscriminately and freely. but there is very high level of violence at the centers of these flash points. >> thank you very much. we urge you, as you are obviously doing, be very careful there. thank you, jake. >> thank you, greta. straight ahead, president obama may want to sit down for this one. which famous film maker just
10:49 pm
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>> greta: okay, everyone. time to hash it out. are you in the market for ugly wedding cake? you're in luck. look at this cake. now, the bride claims she ordered a three-tiered black tire cake. she got an uneven blob. look at that cake. prince just got on twitter.
10:53 pm
his first tweet not so original. the first tweet testing, one two. second tweet? was it better? no. it read prince's second tweet. and then, you learned how to take a photo tweeting prince's third tweet. did i add too much pepper? looks like he needs cooking lessons, too. and a note to criminals, drug deals and twitter don't mix this, guy tweeted any deal isn't gone. mr. lou, need a slip. that is code for 20s ndz marijuana someone at the new york police department tweeting awesome. can we come too? oops. we don't know if the police did show up, but at least cops have a sense of humor. and talk about timing and we mean exact. toughing -- huffington post check out these pictures on greta. turns out the passenger had a bad case of the munchyes and asked pizza hut to meet them.
10:54 pm
and domino's matched that one n hollywood tweeting president obama reporting oliver stone obama is a snake we have to turn on him. wow. talking to some tokyo fans and got fired up about nsa spy program. good news for the president? he isn't in hollywood anymore. well, it's, i mean, why would you like up in a -- look up in a tree for a missing dog. ap reporting did he kacht squirrel? missing border collie found stuck up in a tree. check out this picture. yes. the border collie didn't get very far just, well, high. 10 feet high. laddy's love of squarelies got him into this jam. he was brought down safely. and now, it's your turn to hash it out with us. also, don't forget to follow me on twitter. coming up... wait until you
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>> greta: time for last call. meet the newest treky. oh! woo! [ dog howling ]. >> greta: that is worth staying up for. thank you for being with us tonight make sure you go to and vote in our
11:00 pm
hot button issue. one congress woman giving up special treatment to give up obama care. do you want your member of congress to use their speciali? why am i yelling? i could be hungry. tonight, 8:00 p.m., much more on this, fbn! hello, everyone, i'm greg gutfeld along with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, eric bolling, and her barbie transcribing has a cup holder for vodka, dana perino. 5:00 in new york city i think. >> i want one! ♪ it is pure her he is ee. a rodeo clown chased by a bull as people cheered. fair officials condemned it and banned the clown for life. the president of missouri rodeo cowboy association also resigned and the bull executed by firing squad, just kidding. but why not? he did


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